Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm stuck on the delayed train home after dinner out with my Mum, and I realise I haven't blogged since the w/e. This is a post-event blog in that when I get home I'll have done a cut and paste job on this and popped it on the blogger, but just read it like I was still on the train.

Weird, thinking about that.

It's kinda like when you see those videos from people that are dead already and they knew when they recorded the video that they wouldn't be there to see it, or the reactions of the people around them. This of course is different in that I will be able to see if anyone has any reaction, but it's the whole idea of putting oneself forward in time.

I bought 2 pairs of sensible work shoes tonight, which was a relief as my current pair are presently falling apart, and not looking very smart thanks to having my feet regularly trodden on queueing for the escalator at Moorgate tube (are they EVER going to finish that?) Thank god for my Mum, who managed to get me through the whole distressing experience in less than 20 minutes.

Clothes shopping I do, happily and expensively on far too regularly a basis, but I have an aversion to shoe shopping that can only be compared to the denist for some, work for others and supermarkets for the rest, that means that I need to be accompanied to ensure I get in through the shop door. It might be the overwhelming choice or it might be my dislike of a high heel (I don't do foot pain) I just really don't like buying shoes. It's taken me at least 2 months to get these - for the first time ever I now have a choice of work shoes. This is a novelty for me that will last for some time. I've always bought the shoes, worn the shoes until they are falling apart, and buy a new pair. Now I have two pairs and I dare say it will cause some confusion over the next few weeks.