Sunday, June 06, 2004

Today is the 60th anniversary of D-Day. With all the unjust wars going on in the world today, it's easy for younger generations like me to forget or ignore just how important D-Day, and the whole spirit of the Allies was during WWII. The brave people of many nations died to prevent a genuine evil taking over the world. It really was a possibility if people hadn't stood up to the Nazis.

CNN is presently showing a programme on the Polish Resistence forces battling in Warsaw just after D-Day took place. You can find the related article here.

When we start to forget what racism can do, Chechnya, Kosovo and Rwanda happen.

Don't let that happen.

If you're interested in preventing and stopping racism, here are some good sites to start with:

European Commission against Racism
CARF (Campaign against Racism & Facism)

Finally, here is a British site about D-Day itself.

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