Sunday, June 06, 2004

VoteMatch Europe 2004

Blimey - I don't blog for ages and then lots of the same day... Just like buses!

OK, following on from the theme of D-Day and the sacrifices people made on that day, as well as throughout the war, it's really important not to waste your vote. Our grandparents and parents fought to allow us to have the choice of who we elect to represent us.

It's the European Elections next week and there are a lot of choices on the huge (2ft!) ballot paper.

The site link above is non-party biased and lets you enter in a number of preferences in response to a questionnaire, then ranks the parties with the closest interests to your own, down to the ones with the least.

Whatever your political persuasion, make sure you get to the polling station and register your choice. You may think that 1 person doesn't make a difference, but every vote counts and in a close marginal seat the winner can hinge on a handful of people.

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