Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We lost the Champion's League final tonight, and it's that that's inspired me to post my first blog entry in about 3 months. I'm very proud of the team (except Lehmann, right that he was sent off, last man and he should have known better) but the point is the remaining 10 men played themselves off the pitch with no exceptions. At least we made it to the final, the first London team to ever do so in the Champion's League; and I also wonder if Thierry Henry really wants to go to play for a club where the two defenders marking him hacked him to bits during the match. We might just end up bigger winners in the long run if he stays.

One of the reasons I've not posted for ages is that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Valentine's Day, She just turned 3 months old and keep me very busy!

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