Friday, April 02, 2004

Scary toy #1 - Tomy Micro Dancers.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

According to a scientific study, there is 67% chance that God exists... I'm not convinced, but make your own mind up...

Last night we went to the "Best of British Comedy" at the Royal Albert Hall.

We saw (in not necessarily the correct order):

Steve Coogan (as Alan Partridge) - - on and off all evening and didn't disappoint :)
Ricky Gervais (BONUS!!!)
Little Britain - David Walliams & Matt Lucas as variously during the evening: Andy Pipkin, Vicky Pollard, Dafyd-the-only-gay-in-the-vill-age and Sebastian, the PM's aide (complete with Morwenna Banks, Anthony Head (GILES!!!!) and Jamie Theakston in various supporting roles)
Rich Hall - in character as a bizzare country'n'western singer but still v. funny...
Noel Fielding (also v. funny but half the audience didn't get his very clever, very surreal humour - underrated)
Jimmy Carr (v. dry, also v. funny)
Simon Pegg (my hero from Spaced and soon to star in Shaun of the Dead) as the original Milky Bar Kid, down on his luck, being interviewed by Alan Partridge

...and The Rutles.

OK. Why are The Rutles all alone on that list? Well, unfortunately here was a problem here. Some people know who Neil Innes is - for those who don't, as well as the link above, I can tell you that he is responsible for some influencing some of greatest comedy (musical and otherwise) of the last 30 years - Monty Python, Bonzo Dog Do-dah Band and Spinal Tap anyone? He created the band with amongst others, Eric Idle, to spoof the Beatles and (loveingly) take the piss out of their music. A couple of films followed and they wrote some very clever songs if you understand their approach to the humour. In context they are very funny.

Unfortunately, they were taken out of context with the band (minus Eric Idle) plonked on a stage in front of a fairly fickle audience that wanted their fix of people they could recognise. The songs were great... if you knew who The Rutles were, and the background of the band, but on this stage tonight, they were just a load of middle-aged blokes playing some songs to some people who'd paid £50 each to see "Stars" and didn't give a shit.

What made things 10 times worse was that they were the last act on for the entire evening, at which point about half of the audience left the building during their overlong set of about 5 songs. Steve Coogan appeared to cut the set a song or 2 short in order to stop anyone leaving before the "finale", on this occasion the band playing another song with the rest of the performers coming on stage to join them. When the rest of the performers - Simon Pegg, Little Britain et al, returned to the stage, they looked visibly shocked to see half the auditorium empty, although noticably no-one left during the finale (probabaly too scared now that the band were no longer on stage alone.)

It was embarassing :( The performers looked embarrased, the remaining audience looked embarrased, and the poor band played on, seemingly oblivious to what was going on around them but you knew that really of course they could see beyond the first 4 rows (first rule of school plays so you get your parents tickets for the 8th row and it'll all be fine) and it was probably heart-breaking.

Note to the promoters for next time - put on the slightly obscure band at the end of the 1st half so the people can't leave...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Fab news - they've found 13 new episodes of Monkey! Completely barmy TV show - not sure what the producers in Japan were on when they made it, but it was essential viewing in 1982!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Manchester United tried and failed to stop us recording our 30th match in a row undefeated in the league - a record unsurpassed in the modern era of English football and only equalled by the Burnley side of the 1920(ish) season. Maybe it was a little disappointing to give away a late goal, but they needed the 3 points, we didn't, they didn't get them and we're still top 7 points clear.

Can we go unbeaten? I don't know - we have some tricky ties coming up aginst Newcastle, Liverpool and Tottenham, but it's been a joy to watch so far and whatever happens, I think the Arsenal team this season have been awesome both in their football and their attitude. :)