Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Today is very wet and gloomy in Herts/London. I currently work in a tall building (for the City of London) - it's great to go to the 24th floor and watch the weather over the whole of London, especially during thunderstorms.

copy for 28/04

I've calmed down now I've had a few days to get used to the idea that we've won the league at the old enemy and it's still only April :) Now it's just the unbeaten run to go. Can we do it? On paper, yes, but in reality, we have some tough games against sides aiming for Europe or trying stay up. No-one's going to hand this to us on a plate...

Currently listening to Alex Lloyd - Black the Sun. One of those great, underrated albums by someone very talented that most people have never heard of. Alex supported Neil Finn on tour a couple of years ago - I suppose if one had to put Alex into a Genre, there are elements of Neil himself, Beck, Richard Ashcroft and at a push, radiohead.

My next gig is on Saturday with my mate to see Duran Duran. My boyfriend declined the opportunity- muttered something about being surrounded by screaming 30 year old women *lol* I was just starting secondary [high] school when they were really big the first time round - just a couple of years too young to be going to gigs - I had to wait to 1987 to see my first - Huey Lewis and the News (you can tell this was the 1980s.) I've just rediscovered the joy of gigs in the last year - I went through a long phase, coinciding with an ex-boyfriend who made me listen to nothing but his choices, mostly Mike Oldfield, for 2 1/2 years and completely destroyed my love of music during that time. Once I'd finally got out of that relationship it then just took lots of effort to start looking for bands that I like to see them live as my boyfriend is not very proactive in this area - *so* worth it though.

You can catch a full list of all the gigs I've been to on my gigs page.

Monday, April 26, 2004

I only have one word (and some punctuation) for this post: