Sunday, July 25, 2004

I had a very unnerving dream last night, that I was a fairly big city somewhere in the Eastern US (not exactly sure where, didn't seem to be New York, as I know it pretty well) and there was a poison terrorist attack. I managed to escape I as I avoided using the subway system. It was really wierd, and *not* the most pleasant dream I've had recently. Must be all the 911 Commission report news we've been getting. For what it's worth, any East Coast American reading, I score below the expected average for ESP tests, so I am the opposite of psychic and therefore very unlike to be getting a premonition of something bad happening to you. More likely happening to somewhere completely different.

It was one thing when the IRA used to bomb in the 70s and 80s, when I was a kid, giving a coded warning usually just before, and though taking loss of life, there was a sort of known patten to it. You knew what to look for, and you went about your daily life with it as a known risk. Don't get me wrong, they were not nice people, but given the choice, I'd take life with an IRA threat any day over an Al Qaeda threat. Better the devil you know, and there were certain lines that even the IRA didn't cross. (I guess there are some people in places like Omagh that may disagree with me on this - I respect that.)

I do worry about the UK - in particular London getting hit, obviously other places too, but selfishly, because I work in the City of London, and my parents still live in the suburbs. It may be that London is considered too obvious a target and they hit some small town somewhere and wipe it out. Whichever way, the fact that even the Police Commissioner for London has admitted that a terrorist attack is a "when", not an "if" for somewhere in this country, leaves feeling very nervous every time I think about it.

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Bush at Booker Elementary School on 9/11 - THE VIDEO

This is a very interesting site, and I know that Michael Moore, of whom I am a admirer, mentions this incident in Farenheit 911 (which I haven't seen in full yet.) I can't stand Bush either.

However, there is only one thing I would say in defence of Bush. If he had stopped reading to those kids at that exact point in time, he probably would have really screwed them up forever (bear with me, I'm being serious here) - I think he genuinely thought that the kids would have been very upset if he'd have just buggered off immediately, hence he finished the story. The kids would then have had to watch all the 911 footage *and* the additional upset of missing their story.

That's one suggestion anyway...

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