Thursday, July 07, 2005

The J8 Conference

This is the junior version of the G8 conference.

Personally, I think this is exactly the sort of thing teenagers should be engaged in. I was lucky enough to go a Model UN conference when I was about 16. It was really interesting and opened my eyes to a lot of international issues I'd previously not known much about, any the differences in cultures from country to country.

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I know, I've been very quiet on the blogging front for some time.

Actually I haven't, I've been doing another one over here as we've been on a bit of a holiday for the last six weeks, but seeing as we're almost home, I thought it worth mentioning our winning bid for the Olympics, which appears to have been a very pleasant surprise both to us here in Hong Kong and to everyone back home (everyone had resigned temselves to France getting it.)

From a purely selfish point of view it's great news for us IT bods - they'll be a ton of really interesting projects coming up over the next 7 years!

Here are a few links:

The judges:
The IOC website

The Winners:

Our official bid website

The also-rans:

The French don't appear to have a lot to say...
The Spaniards don't either...
...but least the Yanks said well done...
...and so did the Russians :)

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