Saturday, March 20, 2004

Anyone know I can fix the bug that makes the London Bloggers menu open to the side instead of underneath please? There is nothing unusual set up on the link, other than the link itself is a php.

I've now set up a comments link, supported by Enetation. You can now add you own comments to posts.

One request, I'm more than happy to enter into constructive, civilised discussion with people of differing views to my own, but flaming, hateful and unpleasant posts will be deleted and the offending IP addresses banned. It's not much to ask.

So Chrisopher Eccleston is going to be the new Doctor Who. That means they're going down the mean and moody route as opposed to the completely loopy Tom Baker route, which I think is a shame as, for me anyway, that was the definitive Doctor. I'm of the generation that grew up particularly with Tom Baker and K9, none of the others have come close.

Here's another link to the BBC Doctor Who site where you can find out a load more.

I got notification that I passed my postgraduate Professional Diploma in Management today :)

2 years from the beginning of February 2002 to the end of January 2004 of 20-25 hours of study, virtually no social life, my boyfriend forgetting what I look like because my head was in a workbook, and even having having to take the books on holiday because in their wisdom, the Open Universiry Business School don't give us a term break or gap between modules!

It's all about credibility. Lots of people call themselves "managers", but most "managers" don't have any idea what they are supposed to do as "managers", and especially how to deal with people. A lot of management is about experience, but management is also about understanding the reasons people and organisations function and respond to certain situations in a particular way. This is why I did the diploma (and the Certificate that comes before it.)

Now I'm going to have a nice break for the majority of this year before I think about doing the MBA. I'm also going to have a hunt around at some other MBA courses outside the OU just to see what options are available.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Further to the post below about Sedna, I called my Grandma last night to talk to her about the enormity of what she's lived through. The conversation went something like this:

"So Grandma, isn't it amazing that, in your life time, we've found 2 new planets, put a man in space, men on the moon and landed a craft on Mars."
"Yes, but what about that lot [Columbia] that went up last year and got killed?"

I'm not sure she completely got the point...

Monday, March 15, 2004

Scientists have found a new planet that may turn out to be the same size, if not bigger than Pluto, and therefore qualify as a proper 10th planet, rather than several large asteroids. What I think is really amazing is that my Grandma, a spritely 88, has lived through 2 new planets in the solar system and landings on the Moon and Mars. How cool is that? ;) Makes a change from 2 world wars (born in 1916 she qualifies)and 2 world cups!

Happy things:

1. The football - well done City! (and of course AFC at Blackburn)
2. The cricket - well done England! (Probably won't win the series, mind - prove me wrong!)
3. The sun was shining brightly when I was travelling in to work this morning, it wasn't so cold that I arrived at work with my usual red nose, and it felt like proper spring for the first time this year.