Friday, January 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | BBC boss defends Springer opera

What a laugh! None of these complainants have actually *seen* Jerry Springer - The Opera, yet they dismiss it totally out of hand. I HAVE seen it in London's West End and I can confim that yes, it does have a lot of swearing, but then I've heard swearing in Michael Tippett "high" modern opera. It is also irreverent, witty, eloquent and extremely clever, not to mention hugely award-winning.

The point of JS-TO is that it sets out to critique the very thing that the narrow-minded are complaing about, if they actually took the time to watch this first before judging it (unlikely considering how narrow-minded these people are) they might at least see the intelligence in the piece.

Message to the "Offended" - If you don't like it, SWITCH OVER TO ANOTHER CHANNEL!!! No-one is making you watch it!

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You know, I haven't even wished everyone a very happy new year yet in amongst all the doom and destruction, so here you are, a cheerier moment to say:

A very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

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BBC NEWS | UK | Three-minute silence for victims

I was home alone at Midday UK (not working at the mo - haven't started chasing up any work for the new year yet). It was a sad and contemplative moment.

I actually spent the first minute of the three flicking through all the non-BBC/ITV channels to see if they would carry on with their normal programming. Credit to them though, they almost all gave up 3 minutes of advertising revenue to acknowledge the silence. A couple of infomercial and little kiddie channels continued on oblivious (can't blame the little kiddie channels to be honest as the majority of under threes wouldn't have really taken in what was going on) but creditably the likes of Sky, abc1, the UKTV channels and even QVC stopped what they were doing.

I'm proud of the 10 million or so individuals who have sent in money in the UK. We've raised £76 Million by public donation in the UK so far on top of the government response, we're not alone in the world in public donations: BBC News. Well done the rest of the World as well. Keep the money rolling in to the aid agencies.

It would be an fitting memorial to this natural disaster if it acted at least acted as a reminder to everyone around the world that the majority of people are decent and kind and to treat others as we would all like to be treated ourselves. If we were all a bit nicer to each other the World would be a better place. Cliched but true.

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